Dragonflies are the keeper of dreams

How wonderful are Dragonflies. A few weeks ago I went for a walk by the river and a dragonfly said hello, it was so beautiful. Its wings glistened in the sunshine and it flew over the water like magic.

I just knew my next animal to embroider would have to be a dragonfly.

I have spent the last few weeks reading about dragonflies, they are absolutely amazing insects. The saddest fact is that their lifespan is 7-56 days, how something so beautiful is only around for a small time.

The most wonderful info I found was that dragonflies are older than the dinosaur, they lived over 300 million years ago! Fossils show that they had a wingspan of 60cm, which is the same as a big bird. How I wish I could have seen them fly with their beautiful transparent wings.

We hope you like the new dragonfly designs, we would love to hear your feedback.




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