Super cute facts about Otters...

Super cute facts about Otters...

🦦Otters hold hands while they sleep to avoid drifting apart in the water, forming "rafts" of linked otters to stay connected.

🦦Otters are known to have a special pocket in their armpits to store their favourite rocks, which they use as tools to crack open shellfish and mollusks.

🦦Otters have a unique way of sliding down muddy or snowy slopes just for fun, showing their playful nature.

🦦They have a keen sense of touch, thanks to the sensitive whiskers on their faces, which they use to detect prey underwater.

🦦Baby otters, called "pups," are incredibly adorable and are often seen riding on their mother's belly while she swims. They are helpless at birth and rely on their parents for care and protection.

We love otters 🦦🦦🦦🦦

    Couple wearing Otter Beanie Hats from Wonderful World

     Above: Wonderful couple in matching embroidered Otter beanie hats.

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