Basking Shark Embroidered Beanie Hat, Basking Shark Beanie Hat
Basking Shark Embroidered Beanie Hat
Basking Shark Embroidered Beanie hat, Basking Shark Hat, Embroidered Wonderful World
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Basking Shark Embroidered Beanie Hat

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Basking Shark embroidered hat.

Basking sharks are the gentle giants of the sea. They are the largest shark in UK seas.

The basking shark is a fascinating and enigmatic marine creature. One of the most distinctive features of the basking shark is its gaping mouth, which it uses to filter-feed on tiny plankton and other small organisms by swimming with its mouth wide open.

Despite their imposing appearance, basking sharks are placid and peaceful, posing no threat to humans.

Their presence in the oceans is a testament to the incredible diversity of life beneath the waves and the importance of conserving these majestic, yet vulnerable, creatures.

Double layer knit.

Basking Shark embroidered on soft hat.

Sent in sustainable, recyclable packaging and plastic free.

A selection of lovely colours.