Hammerhead shark embroidered tote bag
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Hammerhead shark embroidered tote bag

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Hammerhead shark embroidered tote bag.

This wonderful Hammerhead shark is part of our ocean collection. 


Hammer head sharks are wonderful and magical creatures, their eyes on the side of their hammer head allow them to see 360-degrees. They can see above them and below them all the time. How amazing.

Soft 100% Cotton.

Unisex Fit.


10% of sales goes to animal charities. 


The t-shirt is Stanley/Stella Organic 100% Cotton.

We use sustainable fabric and fair trade certified.

Sweatshop free and WRAP certified.

T-shirt is embroidered to order which means we have no waste, saying goodbye to fast fashion.

SIZING UK (unisex)
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Large  approx Size 16
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3XL approx 20-22