Jellyfish Embroidered Beanie Hat, Jellyfish Embroidery, Jellyfish Wonderful World Hat
Jellyfish colours
Jellyfish Embroidered Beanie Hat, Jellyfish Beanie Hat, Wonderful World Jellyfish Hat
Wonderful World

Jellyfish Embroidered Beanie Hat

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Jellyfish Beanie Hat.

Jellyfish embroidery.

Jellyfish are enchanting animals, with their graceful movement and iridescent hues. These mystical creatures show us the boundless wonders that dwell beneath the waves, what wonders are beneath the surface of the ocean. 

Jellyfish are among the oldest living creatures on Earth, with fossils dating back more than 500 million years, predating dinosaurs and sharks!

Jellyfish lack both a brain and a heart, they are unique and magical.

Double layer knit.

Three Jellyfish beautifully embroidered onto beanie.

Wide range of colours.

Sent in sustainable, recyclable packaging and plastic free.