Toucan beanie hat embroidered by Wonderful World, Toucan Bird beanie hat
Toucan Beanie Hat
Toucan Beanie Hat, Toucan bird hat, Toucan embroidered hat, Wonderful World
Wonderful World

Toucan Beanie Hat

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Toucan Beanie Hat.

Toucans are incredibly cool birds with their vibrant plumage and oversized, colorful beaks. They exhibit agile flight despite the size of their bills, often navigating the dense rainforest canopy with ease. Their social behavior adds to their charm, as they engage in playful activities and communicate with various calls. Toucans' nesting habits, including taking over old woodpecker nests, highlight their adaptability in the wild. As symbols of biodiversity, toucans represent the beauty and richness of tropical ecosystems.

Double layer knit.

Cuffed design with embroidered toucan.


Wide range of colours.